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Our Locations

We have 3 sites. You can see a clinician at any site. 

We have one phone number - 0161 872 8129

We cover Manchester City Centre, Manchester Universities and Hulme. 

Our opening times are

Booth Street - 0800 - 1830

City Road - 0800 - 1500

New Jackson - 0800 - 1800

We offer late night clinics and weekend clinics. See individual sites below for timings. 

When the surgery is closed you will be redirected to our out of hours service provider who will be able to help you. 

Cornbrook @ Booth St

M15 6PR

We are situated on the edge of the University Green area, just off Oxford Road, by the Hyatt Hotel. We are situated at the heart of MMU and Manchester University Campuses.

Cornbrook @ City Road

M15 4EA

We are situated by the deansgate roundabout next to St George's Park. 

This site opens until 9pm on Tuesday evenings and all day Saturday (9am - 5pm)

Cornbrook @ New Jackson
M15 4ZD

This new site is situated in the heart of the City Centre on Deansgate. It is situated within the Elizabeth Towers/ Chester Road. 

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