Private Medical Examinations/Supporting Letters

We have included a list of our current fees (subject to change on the day) for a range of common private medical services such as taxi medicals and HGV licence examinations.

We also offer letters of support, more information is below


Supporting Letters

Letters of support such as Extenuating Circumstances, University Exams, Fit to Travel, Private Referrals etc

To request a supporting letter:

1. Complete your information and type of letter request by clicking here

2.Our reception team will text you to confirm your letter is ready to collect or to send to you by the method you chose in step 1 (text, email etc)

3. Reception will then advise you to pay £15 before sending your letter. To pay this fee click the button below


Request a Private Medical Exam

This includes a Taxi,HGV/PCV, DVLA, Foster Carer, Assessment of Capacity etc

  1. Complete your personal information in this form by clicking here

  2. Our reception team will contact you within 24 hours to book a time convenient to you

  3. They will send you a link back to this page to pay for your medical examination using one of the buttons below