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Useful information below to help you navigate through the practice and health system as a patient ...


Our Appointment System Explained...

When phoning the practice our receptionists will aim to put you through to the best service for you. This may be a GP, pharmacist or another trained member of staff. We offer a limited number of daily phone calls and some prebookable calls. If you require urgent medical attention please call 111. 

  • Online Consult - By using our online portal, 24/7, we could help ensure you see the right person at the right time or even save a trip to the practice as we may be able to help with your health concerns by email or phone. You can access the portal here. 

  • Nursing Appointments - Our nurses and HCAs offer a range of services such as smears, vaccines, travel clinic, sexual health checks, post natal checks, baby imms and many more services. See below for more info...

  • Practice pharmacy services - we work closely with our neighboring pharmacy on Booth Street West, Faith Pharmacy. We are able to refer our patients to this service for minor ailments. The pharmacist is able to offer you a consultation where you will be assessed, give you medical advice and issue a prescription if appropriate. This service is available Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pmPlease speak to one of our reception team, if you wish to access this service.


Repeat Prescriptions

If your doctor starts you on long term medication this is known as repeat medication. You will need to order and collect this each month. Please see our how to order your repeat prescription request page for further details. 

A prescription takes around 2 working days to process so please order in plenty of time before you run out and don't forget we close on bank holidays so order early!


If English isn't your first language, we can book a face to face interpreter for routine appointments but if you need an urgent appointment we can arrange for a telephone interpreter. Please help the receptionist by informing them that you need an interpreter as early as possible.

Test Results

If your doctor has sent you for a blood test, scan or x-ray these usually take around 1-2 weeks after having the test to come back to the Practice. We will inform you if your result is abnormal and we will explain the next steps. If you don't hear from us you can assume your results are normal. You are welcome to call us 1-2 weeks after your test to find out your results but it it always better to ring us between 11am and 12:30pm or after 3pm when the phone lines are quieter so our receptionist can take their time to explain your results to you.


If your doctor has referred you for further care or tests it can be quite confusing tracking down your appointment. Here are some steps to help you:

  • If you have been referred to a hospital to see a consultant (such as an orthopaedic doctor for a bad knee), all hospital referrals are sent to Manchester Integrated Care Gateway (MICG)which is a referral handling hub. They will contact you and arrange your appointment. If you have been referred to hospital by your GP and not heard after 2 weeks from MICG you should contact them on 0161 947 0770. You can find out more information about them on their website by clicking here.

  • If you have been referred for an urgent suspected cancer referral also known as a 2 week wait appointment, this is also processed by MICG however if you have not heard after 2 weeks you should contact our Practice Secretary, Augusta, on 0161 872 8129 who will investigate this for you.

  • If your doctor has referred you for an x-ray or scan and you haven't heard from the provider carrying this out, you should contact our reception team on 0161 872 8129 who will inform you which provider your GP referred you to and give you the correct phone number to chase this up. 

  • Please note we cannot issue referral passwords or change hospital appointments, all of these requests should go through MICG on 0161 947 0770.

Access to your records

Occasionally you might want to see your medical records. To request online access to your medical records please click here


Occasionally, things go wrong. We strive to offer the best patient care we possibly can but we recognise that sometimes this may fall short of your expectations. We want to resolve any complaint as best as we can and ensure you are fully satisfied with our Practice. All complaints therefore should be placed in writing and addressed to the Practice Manager. You can collect a complaints leaflet from reception which explains the process and likely timescale for response. Just so you know, we acknowledge complaints within 3 working days and we reply to complaints as soon possible after we have conducted a full investigation. Please see our complaints leaflet here. 

We Welcome New Patients!

If you're new to our area you can register with us as a new patient. To register please click here The registration process can take up to 4 weeks, as we are an extremely busy practice. Once you are registered you will received a welcome text from us. We have a catchment area, which can be found on our 'New patients' page . If you don't live in our area you can still register as an out of area patient but you'll need to sign a form opting out of home visits.