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Cornbrook Wellbeing Garden was created in 2019 as a space for patients and Hulme residents to come and relax and feel the benefits of nature. The garden is available to access when the surgery is open so please come down and have a look. 

We run weekly gardening sessions every Friday from 1-3. These sessions are open to everyone and there will be activities suitable for all abilities. At these sessions we decide what to grow in the garden and share out any produce grown. So if you have any expertise or there is anything that you would like to see in the garden then please come along!

There are events run by the garden to celebrate special times of the year and to share the garden with as many people as possible. So please keep a look for these. 

The prescribe a plant programme is also run by the  community garden. This gives patients a small potted plant to take home and look after, along with instructions on how to look after it. This can then be grown in the patients own garden or planted in our community garden. If you are interested in this then please talk to your GP or contact Augusta, the community garden manager. 

The garden was created with the help of social enterprise Sow the City. Jon Ross, Director of Sow the City said: “There is a lot of evidence that nature-based interventions are good for people’s physical and mental health. We’re looking forward to setting up a project where patients can access this type of therapy at their local GP practice” “The project will bring together local people of different backgrounds, and different ages in meaningful activity, where they can learn new skills which can be shared with family members and neighbours.”