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Cornbrook Medical Practice Welcomes You

We Welcome and Treat All Patients Equally Irrespective of Age, Race, Religion, Disability, Gender, HIV Status or Sexual Orientation.

In order to keep everyone safe during the covid 19 pandemic we have temporarily closed our Booth Street site and all appointments are at City Road until further notice.

If you are asked to come for an appointment please wear a mask, use hand sanitizer and observe social distancing. Thank you for your patience and for working with us during this unprecedented time.

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We Welcome New Patients!

If you're new to our area you can register with us as a new patient. Registration takes approximately 1 week after which we will take care of your medical needs. Our catchment area is below. If you don't live in our area you can still register as an out of area patient. You can now only register online, click here to find out more.