Gender Diversity


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We are welcoming of gender-diverse patients. 

We can offer all standard GP services and will consider bridging prescriptions.

After discussion and liaison with Gender Identity Specialist Services, we have decided that bridging prescriptions will include oestrogen and testosterone prescriptions but not hormone blockers. This is in line with GMC advice and takes into account that Greater Manchester gender services have a reduced waiting time of approximately 18 months.

Patients already on blockers will be continued.

We have a high demand of patients requesting bridging prescriptions from us at the moment. It is important that this is managed safely and fairly and we will run a monthly clinic in order to facilitate this. There will be a waiting list for this clinic and you will be seen on at least 2 separate occasions with the need for baseline blood and BP tests. Referral to a specialist gender clinic is a pre-requisite.

We are able to change your name and gender market on you records at your request, for advice and guidance on this please contact Persephone who will assist you. We are also happy to supply passport letters and GRC certificates where appropriate, to obtain one please contact Heather White. 

If you are already under the care of a UK gender clinic - we are happy to provide all recommended treatments under shared care protocols.

Indigo Gender Service

This a separate service with an 18 months waiting list.

We host Indigo Gender Service clinics at our City Road site. Our GP clinical lead is Dr Philippa James. Please note this a separate service with an 18 months waiting list.